Client Protection

Nemea: a European bank

Nemea Bank is EU-regulated as a banking and investment services provider by the MFSA - Malta Financial Services Authority (Registration Number: C 45026), which is the single regulator for financial services activities in Malta.

Nemea Bank offers its full range of banking and investment services to all the 31 EU/EEA countries. It is authorised to do so by virtue of the European Union’s “single passport” policy, a system which allows financial services operators legally established in one Member State to establish and provide their services in all other Member States.

A member of the Maltese Depositor Compensation Scheme

As an EU-regulated bank, Nemea is a full member of the Maltese Depositor Compensation Scheme. This means that deposits up to €100,000 per client are protected by the Depositor Compensation Scheme, subject to meeting the criteria provided in the link below. This guarantee is based on the EU Directive 94/19 on deposit-guarantee schemes. Nemea Bank is also a full member of the Malta Investor Protection Scheme.

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A bank with Nordic roots

Nemea Bank plc is wholly owned by its parent holding company Nemea plc. The largest shareholder of Nemea plc is Nevestor SA, a European investment company based in Belgium.

The bank is ultimately owned by its founders Heikki Niemelä and Mika Lehto, both of whom are Finnish bankers.

Malta: a growing and developing EU Member State

Nemea Bank is registered in Malta, a member of the European Union with a fast-growing financial services hub. As an EU Member State, Malta has a well-established democratic system of politics supported by strong judicial and public administrative systems.

Malta’s financial and economic environment has consistently ranked among the top EU Member States on all fronts. Malta closed 2015 with a GDP growth rate of 6.4%, a budget deficit of 1.5% and the fourth lowest unemployment rate in the EU (5.4%).

Malta’s domestic banks are renowned for being highly capitalized, profitable and liquid. Malta’s two largest domestic banks received a clean bill of health by the European Central Bank in late 2014 following rigorous year-long tests.