Corporate Social Responsibility

At Nemea Bank, we believe that promoting innovation, nurturing talent and sustainable governance are fundamental principles for the online banking revolution we are spearheading. Yet more importantly, they are crucial building blocks for a healthy, stimulating and successful society and economy.

It is for this reason that corporate social responsibility is strongly integrated into Nemea Bank’s corporate strategy. Nemea Bank pays tremendous attention to sustainable governance in all facets of its business model. It is also always on the lookout to support projects and initiatives that nurture young talent and entrepreneurial innovation.

Helen Hoyois, 24, and Thibant Gilquin, 26, from Mons, Belgium, winners of the L'Idée en Or Jury Prize for their innovative project entitled Do Eat

Young entrepreneurs: big ideas start here!

The most popular global products and services all start from simple yet outstanding ideas. That is why we are very passionate about developing policies and projects that stimulate and enhance creativity and innovation.

Nemea Bank presently supports an entrepreneurial project called L'Idée en Or, organized by the popular Belgian media house Sudpresse. The project targets young entrepreneurs in the Wallonia region of Belgium and encourages them to come forward and promote their ideas and ventures. The best project is awarded a financial prize of €25,000 to be used to further develop the venture.

Young tenor Cliff Zammit Stevens

Nurturing young talent for a stronger society.

Nurturing talent and supporting outstanding social causes are vital prerequisites for building a stronger society. Nemea Bank is always on the lookout to support young, talented individuals in all spheres of culture and civic development.

Nemea Bank actively supports young Maltese tenor Cliff Zammit Stevens, who very recently debuted as Nemorino in PopUp Opera’s new production of L’Elisir D’Amore. The internationally acclaimed Opera Magazine had this to say about Cliff:

“His full-toned, ardent singing gave justice to Donizetti’s music. He shows exceptional promise.”

In the past, Nemea Bank has also sponsored the New Choral Singers’ 20th Anniversary Concert in aid of the Hospice Movement.

Sustainable governance is deeply embedded in Nemea’s operational and investment decisions, culture and practices

Nemea supports sustainable governance.

Nemea Bank strongly advocates integrating sustainable models of governance in every facet of public and private initiatives, institutions and investment.

Internally, Nemea Bank pilots a fully sustainable business model, both in terms of its operations and the investment decisions it takes. The bank operates a largely paperless office and regularly introduces new green initiatives such as the use of videoconferencing wherever possible to enhance efficiency and reduce travel and the bank's carbon footprint in the process. Its investments are also typically low risk, centering on consumer credit initiatives that guarantee a high yield and return for its clients without exposing them to unnecessary risk.

Externally, Nemea Bank actively advocates the development of sustainable governance policies that ensure the highest levels of integrity and transparency in financial institutions without burdening emerging businesses and services with unproductive regulation and bureaucracy.