The Nemea story

Nemea Bank’s mission is really quite simple. We want to transform the way banking is conducted. To orient banking around people’s life patterns and needs, and not the other way round. In short, we want to make banking:

Heikki Niemelä - Chairman and Founder of the Bank
The Nemea story as told from the founder's perspective
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The values that define us


We devote our energy to developing intelligent solutions that best meet our clients’ needs and aspirations. We choose to nurture ideas that create value and endeavour to get things done in smart, logical ways.

Intelligence is also about working with all stakeholders in the financial services sector to develop strong, sustainable and well-governed institutions.


Innovation is the essence of Nemea’s spirit. We exist because of our capacity to create and support revolutionary new ways to make our clients’ banking experience easier, more comfortable and more efficient.

We all share a deep-rooted hunger to revolutionize banking. We truly embrace the process of constant renewal, continuous education and design, and the unrelenting quest for innovation.


Integrity is built into our culture. We are founded on the principle of unconditional loyalty towards our clients, colleagues, and towards the firm itself. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that their accounts and details are safe and secure with Nemea Bank.

We hold enormous pride in our uncompromised integrity. Every aspect of the bank’s governance is subjected to internal and external scrutiny, and we actively support policies that improve the integrity of the banking environment as a whole.


Our people are empowered to show initiative and drive. As an online bank in a continuous state of improvement and growth, the Nemea culture supports taking initiative to develop new ideas, solve problems and make our services better.

Nemea rewards talent, quick wit and smart solutions. We never stand still and follow, but take the lead and aim to be industry leaders in everything we do.

A profoundly European bank

Nemea Bank is profoundly European in outlook and design. The bank is able to offer its services in all 31 countries of the EU/EEA by virtue of the European Union’s “single passport” policy, a system which allows financial services operators legally established in one Member State to establish and provide their services in all other Member States.

Not only is the bank pan-European in outlook, but also boasts a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Nemea is registered and domiciled in Malta, its founders are Nordic bankers, and it already offers full client support services in seven languages manned by native speakers.

It is this very fusion of cultures and ideas which allows Nemea Bank to truly understand the needs and aspirations of all Europeans.

The Nemea brand

The Nemea name is inspired by the ancient Nemean lion that was the first labour of Hercules. This symbolizes the first étape in a long journey together; Nemea aspires to be a partner and supporting institution in people’s lives and life projects.

EMEA refers to the geographic region covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nemea Bank is domiciled in Malta, which is strategically located in the middle of these three important regions, inspiring the notion of a New EMEA: NEMEA. This reflects the geographic positioning of the bank in the middle of these three mature and emerging regions.

The Nemea logo

Nemea Bank’s logo consists of three elements: a honeycomb shape, four arrows pointing towards the logo’s centre, and diverging lines symbolizing the rays of the sun.

The honeycomb is the most efficient structure found in nature, requiring the least surface for a given volume. This symbolizes Nemea’s aspiration to provide the most efficient banking experience.

The four arrows pointing towards the logo’s centre represent the idea of separate parts uniting into a robust, coherent whole. This symbolizes the melting pot of people, cultures and ideas that sustain Nemea’s creativity and pan-European outlook.

The rays of the sun symbolize the positive energy and light emanating from Nemea. The Nemean Star perfectly illustrates the character of Nemea as an efficient, unifying, and stimulating entity.