Business Current Account

Opening and managing a Business Current Account with Nemea Bank is supremely easy, secure and efficient. Register and submit all your documents and company updates online, without ever having to call or visit a bank branch. Do all your banking from the comfort of your boardroom or business lounge.

Your Nemea Business Current Account moves around with you, wherever you go. Carry out transactions and use all our banking features wherever you are around the globe, whenever you need them.

5 great reasons to start business banking with us.

Open account and submit documentation online.
Take your bank with you, everywhere.
Transfer your money across currencies.
Instant, free, global NIP money transfers.
Change authorized users online without red tape.

Effortless online business banking.

Here at Nemea, we know your time comes at a premium. That’s why the entire ethos and structure of our online business banking platform empowers you to carry out all your banking requirements online, from the comfort of your boardroom.

Nemea does not run a network of physical branch offices but supplies all its services online, breaking borders and making your banking supremely easy.

Open a new business account and submit all your company documentation online in your own time. With Nemea, you will never waste time on the phone or at a bank branch again.

Transfer money instantly and for free.

Nemea Bank offers its clients the ability to transfer money worldwide instantly and for free through the revolutionary NIP – Nemea Instant Payment for Business.

Create Nemea business accounts for your different businesses and subsidiaries and propose the Nemea system to your key business partners to reap all the benefits of a business payments ecosystem. This allows you to complete payments across geographical borders and currencies in real time.

Wave goodbye to hidden fees and charges as your credit moves from one account to another instantly and at no cost.

Learn how the NIP for Business works

Superior cash management and balance reporting.

Web business banking with Nemea Bank opens the door to superior cash and liquidity management options. Choose from a range of savings and term deposit accounts with highly competitive yields to maximize return on liquidity.

Our efficient online banking platform will also work wonders for your reporting needs. With Nemea, you can view all your accounts on one single platform and download your full transaction history for the period of your choice, right from day one, to reconcile your books and for other administrative purposes.

Your bank moves with you. Everywhere.

Take “distance banking” out of your vocabulary forever. With Nemea Bank, your online bank account moves with you everywhere you go. That’s what effortless banking for business should be.

Access and organize the full range of bank business services online wherever you are in the world at no added cost.

Why Nemea Bank?

Nemea Bank is a modern pan-European bank. It is domiciled in Malta, an EU Member State with a very strong reputation in the financial services sector and its regulation.

Nemea Bank provides its services to businesses and government entities based in the 31 states of the EU/EEA area and supports business clients in 6 languages.

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Our banking platform adapts to your specific business needs

Nemea caters for a huge variety of businesses and business needs. Our online banking platform is supremely flexible and adapts to your requirements, whether you’re looking for small business online banking or a broad range of corporate banking services, subject to maintaining a minimum running balance of €1,000 or equivalent in other currencies.

Whatever your business is like, your business bank account with Nemea Bank will be fully serviced at a single annual maintenance fee of €250, covering all required ongoing regulatory and due diligence obligations.

The documentation you will need to open a business current account

  1. Copies of ID/Passport of all company signatories, qualifying shareholders and directors
  2. An electronic bill to prove residence of all signatories, qualifying shareholders and directors
  3. Company memorandum and articles
  4. Your business’ incorporation document
  5. Audited accounts
  6. Certificate of good standing
  7. Share register and share certificate
  8. Document outlining the business of the company
  9. An organizational chart which you develop on our online portal

With You, Everywhere.