NIP for Business

The NIP – Nemea Instant Payment for Business revolutionizes the way money transfers are made. With the NIP, Nemea business clients can transfer money across the globe and across currencies instantly and at no cost. Welcome to an easier way to transfer money securely. This is Nemea’s revolution of payments.

Revolutionary online business banking.

Nipping revolutionizes the speed and efficiency with which businesses can conduct money transfers and payments.

Just as we send emails and instant messages and make phone calls to business contacts all over the globe, the NIP gives you the opportunity to make transfers to other Nemea clients all over the world and across currencies instantly and at no cost, at the click of a button.

Key features

Transferring money has never been easier. Here are the key features of the revolutionary Nemea Instant Payment method:

The electronic bank transfer takes place instantly, on the spot, and the beneficiary receives the funds immediately without any delay.

You can NIP money whenever you want, irrespective of time zone variances or differing office working hours.

Unlike the conventional approach to banking, Nemea business clients have the ability to transfer money online whenever they want.

You can NIP money wherever you are, irrespective of your location. All you need to perform an online bank transfer is a device like a smartphone or a tablet with an Internet connection, wherever you are in the world.

Similarly, the Nemea beneficiary receives the money you send instantly, and can access the funds from his accounts at the click of a button.

Nemea business clients can transfer or receive money instantly and for free. Standard currency conversion rates apply for cross-currency transfers.

Create online business payment ecosystems.

The NIP method is a great idea for businesses and key business partners that regularly make money transfers from one account to another.

Create Nemea business accounts for your different businesses and subsidiaries and use the NIP for all your internal payments to reap all the benefits of cash pooling whilst maintaining full separation of accounts.

You can also develop your own business payments ecosystem with the broader network of corporate partners you interact with. This will allow you to complete payments and transfers across currencies and payment systems in real time and at no cost.

Making your first NIP transaction

Real time banking just got real. Just nip it.

Transferring money shouldn’t be complex, time consuming and expensive. Bring your payment method up to speed with the fast pace of your business. Just nip it.

The Nemea Instant Payment for Business is available to all Nemea clients. Joining is free, and our clients only pay one annual €250 account maintenance fee for ongoing due diligence requirements.

Become a Nemea business client to enter a world of effortless, accessible, costless banking.

What you need to get started

Beneficiary’s name and email address