Nemea Traditional Payments for Business

Nemea Bank offers its corporate and business clients a comprehensive list of traditional payment and money transfer options to choose from for payments to non-Nemea clients.

Become a Nemea client and take advantage of the full range of payment options at your disposal. We offer all transfer options at very competitive prices so that you can complete all the transfers you need using our Nemea online banking platform.

Here are some of the exceptional benefits of switching to Nemea Bank to complete all your business transfers:

Transfer money all over the world
Secure bank transfers
Mobile banking experience

Take advantage of a full range of bank transfer options.

We offer competitive traditional transaction charges for businesses to make payments to non-Nemea business accounts.

Countries Currency Amount Charges
SEPA Countries EUR (€) Any amount €0.90
Within EEA & non-SEPA EEA currencies Any amount €7.00
Outside EEA & non-SEPA EUR (€) < €12,500 €7.00
Outside EEA & non-SEPA EUR (€) < €50,000 €60.00

Nemea rewards businesses that undertake high volume transactions with even more competitive charges for transactions to non-Nemea accounts in SEPA countries. This is intended to reflect the underlying volume of the business.

See the full list of transaction charges for businesses

Here’s how your business can avoid all these charges.

The NIP – Nemea Instant Payment revolutionizes money transfers for businesses. Nemea clients can transfer money across the globe, instantly and at no cost, to other Nemea clients using the NIP service.

The Nemea Instant Payment is a great and cost-effective idea for business partners and subsidiaries that regularly make money transfers to one another. Create a Nemea business payments ecosystem with your partners and send real time transfers at no cost, at the click of a button.

Learn how the NIP for Business works

Transfer money securely, wherever you are.

Nemea’s traditional payment options for businesses are the easiest way to organize your business payments. Here are some of the key benefits of our payment options:


Distance banking is a thing of the past. With Nemea Bank, you carry your bank with you wherever you go, and only need a device with an Internet connection to carry out a transfer.


You can transfer money whenever you want. Nemea offers a variety of transfer window services, including same day transfers, urgent queue credit transfers and non-urgent traditional transfers.


The combination of Nemea Bank’s traditional payment options and the Nemea Instant Payment service provide you a one-stop-shop for all your business transfer needs.


Your funds and banking experience are guaranteed full security thanks to Nemea’s premium security standards for all bank transactions and services.

The sky’s the limit with your business bank transfers.

Experience the freedom to transfer money worldwide without unnecessary red tape, transfer deadlines and delays, and transfer limits. With Nemea Bank, you can automatically transfer up to €20,000 daily to any bank accounts worldwide with no questions asked.

Nemea Bank also supports businesses that require even higher limits for daily bank transfers. Contact a Nemea client advisor to discuss how we can adjust and customize your daily transfer limits to facilitate your specific banking needs.

What you need to get started

The Nemea Traditional Payments service for businesses is available to all businesses that are Nemea clients. If you do not yet have a Nemea Business Current Account, get started by opening a business current account online.

There’s no better time to start benefitting from effortless, cheaper and more efficient bank transfers.