The NIP – Nemea Instant Payment

Nemea Instant Payment is a revolutionary online payment product developed and offered by Nemea Bank. The NIP gives Nemea clients the opportunity to make instant bank payments all over the world at no cost.

Revolutionary in its simplicity.

Nipping gives you the unique opportunity to send your money across geographical borders and currencies instantly and at absolutely no cost.

How is this possible? Just conceptualize sending an email to a distant relative. Would you expect it to take two days and a hidden fee to arrive? With the Nemea Instant Payment, you can send money around the world in real time and for free just like an instant message or email. This is Nemea’s revolution of payments.

Key features

Transferring money has never been easier. Here are the key features of the revolutionary Nemea Instant Payment:

The electronic bank transfer takes place instantly, on the spot, and the beneficiary receives the funds immediately without any delay.

You can nip money whenever you want. An e-banking payment can be done at any point of the day or week. Unlike the conventional approach to banking, Nemea clients have the ability to transfer money online whenever they want.

You can nip money wherever you are, irrespective of your location. All you need to perform an online bank transfer is a device like a smartphone or tablet with an Internet connection, regardless of whether you are at home, at your office, in a park or even abroad.

Similarly, the Nemea beneficiary receives the money you send instantly. All he or she needs is a device with an Internet connection to access and use the funds.

Nemea clients can transfer or receive money instantly and for free.

Making your first NIP transaction

You deserve the best. Just nip it.

The Nemea Instant Payment service is available to all Nemea account holders. If you are not yet an account holder, you can get started by opening a current account online; initial registration literally takes less than five minutes.

Transferring money shouldn’t be complex and costly. Don’t settle for second best. Become a Nemea client and benefit from effortless, accessible, costless banking.

What you need to get started

Beneficiary’s name and email address