Term Deposit Account

Earn big savings by opening a term deposit account with Nemea Bank. Your money has huge potential. That’s why we offer you very attractive savings rates, regardless of how long you’re prepared to wait for your savings to mature.

Interest Earned

Insert the deposit amount

Interest Earned

The minimum amount allowed is 1,000 and the maximum amount 2,000,000

5 great reasons to open a term deposit account with Nemea Bank

3.50% Interest rates up to 3.50% per annum.
Maturities from
1 month to 5 years.
Minimum deposit of €1,000.
Start your term deposit for free.
Depositor Compensation Scheme: up to €100,000.

Earn up to 3.50% p.a. with Nemea's term deposit accounts

Nemea Bank offers very attractive fixed term deposit interest rates, reaching up to 3.50% per annum on five year plans. How much you save depends on how quickly you need your money back.

Put aside your hard-earned money for your preferred term, ranging from 1 month to 5 years. Now sit back and watch your savings grow: our term deposit account guarantees a high yield on your savings.

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years

Here’s why so many people are choosing Nemea Bank.

Open your account online
Open your account for free
No maintenance fees
No monthly or annual fees
Available in EUR
Transfer your deposits for free
Minimum deposit of €1,000
Maturity up to 5 years
Depositor protection up to €100,000
Location with economic stability
Access from any device
Interest paid annually
Guaranteed rate for the entire term

Protect your savings with the Depositor Compensation Scheme.

Nemea Bank is EU-regulated as a credit institution and investment services provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), Registration Number: C 45026.

As a member of the Maltese Depositor Compensation Scheme, deposits up to €100,000 per client are protected by the Depositor Compensation Scheme, which is based on the EU Directive 94/19 on deposit-guarantee schemes, subject to meeting the criteria provided in the link below.

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What you need to open a term deposit account

All Nemea's products and services are subscribed to and controlled through our clients' current account, which serves as their online banking platform. If you are already a Nemea client, log into your online bank account to open a term deposit account of your choice. If you are not yet a Nemea client, here is what you need to get started:

Be over 16 years old.
An electronic bill to prove your residency.
A copy of your
ID Card or Passport
An Android or iOS mobile or tablet.

Save money for the term that suits you best.

Nemea Bank offers highly competitive term deposit rates, making its plans a great way to save good money fast. Nemea’s term deposit accounts are excellent options for young couples saving money for their first home, entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to let their savings work for themselves, and persons wishing to put aside some funds to ease their entry into retirement.

Why Nemea Bank?

Nemea Bank is a modern pan-European bank. It is registered in Malta, an EU Member State with a very strong reputation in the financial services sector and its regulation. Nemea Bank provides its services to individuals based in the 31 countries of the EU/EEA area and supports its clients in 6 languages.

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